Delivery Policy

  • Only one material product is loaded on a truck at a time. We are unable to combine and/or mix materials
  • Driver(s) are not permitted to dump or drive on lawns or curbs due to the weight of truck(s) and material
  • Please advise us in advance if you have a new driveway or low hanging power-lines
  • There is no need for the customer to be onsite during the time of the delivery
  • The requested delivery date is not guaranteed, however we will strive to get all orders delivered on the customers requested date. Green Hills Supply will contact the customer is the requested delivery date is moved for any reason.
  • Delivery times are based on route schedules only. Please specify if your order needs to be delivered by a specific time. We will do our best to accommodate all schedules
  • Green Hills Supply is not responsible for any/all damages done to driveways, parking lots, ect. Due to the delivery of bulk stone, mulch, topsoil, rock salt, or compost that customer has instructed us to deliver or dump on their property.
  • Green Hills Supply is not responsible for any/all damages done to a customers property due to the delivery of bulk material(s) where the customer has specified a dump/drop location

Returns and Cancelations

  • Any bulk material(s), super sacks, and liquid products that have been over ordered will NOT be picked up or reimbursed once it has been delivered
  • Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of the delivery date
  • Returns of 50 pound bag products are accepted as long as the bag is unopened and sealed. Bags must be free of damage and moisture from improper storage
  • Returns of 50 pound bag products will be accepted 30 days after delivery/pick-up date
  • Any and all claims of product quality must be made within 24 hours of picked up or delivery, and before the product is spread or installed
  • Green Hills Supply reserves the right to cancel shipment at any time, including at the delivery site, if we determine there is no possible way to complete the delivery safely and/or accurately
  • If such cancellation is made, Green Hills Supply will refund the customer for the amount of the products purchased. Delivery fees associated with the order will NOT be refunded once the delivery vehicle has been loaded with the purchased product