Turbo Melt

What is Turbo Melt?

Turbo Melt represents a cutting-edge solution for managing winter weather conditions. To ensure optimal results, it is recommended to apply Turbo Melt at a rate of 15-25 gallons per lane mile or acre, depending on the specific requirements. This precise application rate ensures that you use the product effectively while minimizing waste.

Turbo Melt’s performance sets a new standard for winter weather management. Rigorous laboratory testing has demonstrated its exceptional capabilities in extreme cold conditions. With an impressively low freeze point of -130 degrees Fahrenheit, Turbo Melt surpasses expectations and is more than up to the challenge of handling the most frigid winter weather scenarios.

This remarkable freeze point means that even in the most severe cold spells, Turbo Melt remains effective at melting ice and snow, keeping surfaces clear and safe. It offers peace of mind to users in regions where harsh winter conditions are the norm, ensuring that they can rely on Turbo Melt to maintain safe and accessible environments.

What truly sets Turbo Melt apart is its commitment to environmental sustainability and safety. This innovative product is formulated to be 90% naturally less corrosive than traditional deicing agents, which often pose a significant risk to roads, bridges, and vehicles due to their corrosive nature. This reduced corrosiveness not only enhances infrastructure longevity but also lowers maintenance costs.

Furthermore, Turbo Melt is proudly advertised as 100% biodegradable. This means it naturally breaks down over time into harmless components, significantly reducing its long-term environmental impact. This is especially important for areas where water runoff may carry deicing agents into natural waterways or ecosystems.

In terms of safety, Turbo Melt excels. It’s not only safe for the environment but also for pets and wildlife. Traditional salts and deicers can be harmful to animals, particularly their paws and overall health, but Turbo Melt is formulated with their well-being in mind.

One of the key performance features of Turbo Melt is its ability to prevent the bond between snow and pavement. This means that when applied, it creates a barrier that makes it much easier to remove snow and ice from surfaces. This property significantly enhances safety on treated surfaces and streamlines the snow removal process.

Turbo Melt doesn’t stop at preventing bonds; it also eliminates black ice, a treacherous and nearly invisible type of ice that poses a grave danger to motorists and pedestrians. With Turbo Melt, you can trust that your treated surfaces are safer to navigate.

Additionally, this remarkable product effectively eliminates hard pack, which refers to densely packed and hardened snow and ice on surfaces. By preventing the formation of hard pack, it ensures that snow and ice are easier to clear away, making winter maintenance more efficient and less labor-intensive.

Lastly, Turbo Melt is gentle on hardscapes and landscapes. Unlike some deicing agents that can damage or discolor pavements and surrounding vegetation, Turbo Melt minimizes the risk of such damage, preserving the aesthetic and structural integrity of your outdoor spaces.

In summary, Turbo Melt is a comprehensive and environmentally responsible solution for winter weather management. With its precise application rate, reduced corrosiveness, biodegradability, safety for pets, prevention of snow and ice bonds, elimination of black ice, hard pack removal, and gentleness on hardscapes and landscapes, it offers a wide range of benefits for users concerned about both performance and environmental impact.

Turbo Melt Treated Salt

Turbo Melt is an advanced winter weather management solution designed for extreme cold conditions, performing effectively down to -45°F. It offers flexible application rates and is significantly less corrosive, reducing harm to the environment and preventing stockpile leaching. By reducing salt application rates by 30% to 50%, it also minimizes environmental impact. Turbo Melt doesn’t clump or freeze, maintains excellent material visibility, and is safer for pets, making it a well-rounded and eco-friendly choice for winter snow and ice control.

Turbo Melt Liquid

Turbo Melt is a top-tier winter weather management solution. It boasts an exceptional freeze point of -55°F, ensuring effectiveness in extremely cold conditions. With recommended application rates of 30-45 gallons per lane mile or acre, it allows for efficient usage. Its eco-friendly composition, comprising 90% naturally derived ingredients, minimizes environmental impact and is less corrosive. Turbo Melt also prioritizes the preservation of property integrity, being gentle on hardscapes and landscapes. Furthermore, its natural tackifier enhances its adhesive properties, providing long-lasting snow and ice control.

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